OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )


                                                        2 Villa Pierre Loti, 94240 L'Hay-Les-Roses
                                                       Tél./ Fax : 33 (0)1 4973 0119, Mél. :

President : Mr NGUYEN Huy Hiet                                                                                                                                                

                                                            Vice-presidents: Mrs PHAM Thi Anh Thu, Mr PEDOUSSAUT Michel
                                                             Secretary : M. HUYNH Huu Thanh, Treasurer : M.  NGUYEN Quang Tien






Gauthier Axel                   

Tran Hai Chau

Pho Duc Dung                    Ingineer ECP, retired

Vo thanh Dung                    Engineer

Pham thi quang Dao          Financial accounting

Patrick Gaëlle

Tran trong Gien                 Emeritus professor of the Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Do Dang Giu                      Research director of the CNRS, University de Paris-Sud, Orsay.
                                          Retired 2003. Specialisaton : Theoretical Nuclear Physics.

Nguyen huy Hiet                Engineer, consultant. Specialisation : Petrolium
                                         ( Process design and Review of Installation security )

Hellequin Jean-Pierre,

Michel Ho ta Khanh           Expert in hydraulic engineering of Electricity of France ( EDF ), retired.
                                        - Domain of expertise : dams and electricity

Tong Phuc Lai                   Senior consultant , project director

Nguyen van Lu                   Lecturer in computer sciences

Do huu Muoi                      Engineer in aviation, SNECMA, retraité,consultant

Lam thanh My                   Emeritus professor, ex-director of GEMTEX-ENSAIT Roubaix

Pedoussaut Michel           Professor,  IUT Orsay

Chantal Passaquet            Professor, University of Paris VI

Doan thu Phong               Research director CENPG-CNRS, retired

Nguyen thi Phuong          Engineer at INSERM, retired

Nguyen ngoc Quang        Engineer, representing AideV in Germany

Huynh huu Thanh            Expert Engineer at ONERA, retired
                                        Domain: Flight mechanics and control of Aeronautic systems ( Aircraft & helicopter )

Pham thi Anh Thu            Researcher in vegetarian biology-physiology of the CNRS

Nguyen quang Tien         Engineer Technip, retired

Tran manh Tuan              Researcher at  CEN Saclay  

Nguyen xuan Tue            Sociology-Lettres

Nguyen Phu Xuan            Professor, University of Anger. Spécialty : Non linear Optics.

Do thanh Xuan                Sociology. Literature.