THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM



AIDEV is the acronym of the International Association for the Development of Education in Viet Nam ( in French : Association Internationale pour le Développement de l’Enseignement au Vietnam ). As its name indicates, the Association is aiming at helping to improve the education system in Viet Nam.

The Association is composed of university professors, researchers and engineers who are or have been active in universities and industrial companies all over the world. Most of its members are of Vietnamese origin but there are also a number of friends from other part of th world. The domain of expertise is large, going from the pure and applied sciences and industrial techniques to economic and social sciences, to culture and languages.

Depending on the personal situation and professional occupation of each one, members of AIDEV can take part of their times for cooperative projects that the association establishes with its vietnamese partners. These projects usually are proposed by memebers themselves, individually or in groups of a few people. Most of the members are willing togo to Viet Nam to work on site for periods going from one week to a few months a year or more.

Here are on the main the types of actions that AIDEV are in the position to offer to its vietnamese partners :

  • to participate in the teaching at universities and higher technological education establishments.These actions may be realised in the form :
  • of complementary short sessions of teaching ( a week or so ) on specific subjects inside of regular lectures at the level of undergraduate or graduate studies.;
  • of complete one semester regular lectures for long stays ( of at least 3 months )
  • to participate in improving the content of teaching programs by :
  • showing  to the vietnamese colleagues the teaching methods employed in foreign universities;
  • providing them with educational materials, books and other means of diffusion of knowledge ( audio and video techniques ) .
  • to help vietnamese universities to develop education programs at the master and doctoral levels. This is entirely within the capacity of some members of AIDEV who have been or are still active in teaching and research at foreign universities. This can be done in :
  • helping the vietnamese colleagues to create basic teaching programs at high level;
  • participating in the teaching;
  • providing teaching documents at these levels;
  • giving seminars on subjects of comtemporary research.
  • to help the vietnamese side to establish bilateral relations with foreign partners, in particular with :
  • foreign universities on master and doctoral programs in creating cooperative agreements;
  • technological institutes such as the French IUT ( Institut universitaire de technologie ) ;
  • industrial companies with the aim of sending students abroad for training.
  • to offer loans or scholarships to vietnamese students.
  • These are just some guidelines of cooperative actions. To arrive at specific projects, AIDEV and its vietnamese partners must have direct and  detailed discussions. This can be done for example when AIDEV' members sejourn in Viet Nam or when during their professional trips abroad, leaders of the vietnamese side come into contact with the association. AIDEV Is considering the possibility of creating a permanent office in Viet Nam.