THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )



A meeting of AideV has taken place on Saturday, February 10 2007 at the seat of Association, 2 Villa Pierre Loti, L'Hay-les-Roses. Being present at the meeting were 8 members of AideV : Anh Thu, Hiet, Michel HotaKhanh, Tien, Dung, Chantal, Giu, Muoi et a guest : Lam Minh Chieu.

After a brief summary given by Do Dang Giu, president of AideV, of the activities of the Association in 2006, the discussion was oriented toward the two main topics, objects of the meeting :

    - the extension of AideV;
    - the financing of its activities.

Various proposals have been constructively advanced. All the members present at the meeting have agreed to work, either individually or through a collective organisation, to making the name of AideV and its activities better known among their friends and the vietnamese diaspora.