THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )




                                                Project of cooperation between

                        AIDEV and the Science and Technique Club of Hochiminh Ctiy


AideV has received a proposal for cooperation from Tran Ha Anh, president of the Provisional Executive Bureau of the Science and Technique Club of Hochiminh City. During his stay in Paris, Tran Ha Anh has met with members of AideV, in particular with Do Dang Giu and Nguyen Huy Hiet, to discuss on a text that he had drafted previously. This text subsequently was examined by the Bureau of AideV during its regular meeting in June 2006, and was approved as a basis for a cooperative agreement, that would be officially signed during the projected visit of Do Dang Giu in Viet Nam in late October of this year.