THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )



    To promote manual practices and to bring, by this way, closer to the industrial needs the often too theoretical
teachings in Vietnamese universities, has always been one of the aims of AideV.

    For this purpose, let us recall that, by means of AideV, the university of Can Tho has got a subsidy from the Alumni of
ex-students of the Marie Curie High School of Saigon for the construction of three " Houses of Compassion " in a village
of the lower region of the Mekong river delta. These houses have been designed, through an internal competition, by
the students of the department of technology of the Can Tho University. They were then built by the same group of students,
30 in all, during a two weeks period ( 10 students per house ). By this way, the students of the department had an opportunity
to apply the theoretical teachings that they had received previously.

    The success of this operation incited AideV to further develop this program. By a common agreement with the VK Group,
AideV tries to involve students in the construction of small bridges ( of about 10 to 50 meters long ) to replace the infamous " Monkey Bridges " . Let us recall that AideV has already given 3000 for the building of such a bridge in the province of Ca Mau.

    Following a meeting on March, 28th, 2007, at Can Tho between, two AideV members, Michel Ho Ta Khanh and Huynh Huu
Thanh, Mr.Nguyen Van Cong, from the VK Group, and the responsables of Can Tho University (Dr Tran Minh Thuan,and
M. Dang The Gia respectively Head,and vice-Head, Department of Civil Engineering), the whole participants have agreed on
the activities as follows:

1)    Students of Can Tho University (from Department of Civil Engineering)  will contribute directly to the building of small bridges, with the following conditions:

a.    Lodge and food will be provided by VK Group, with the same conditions as other workers, during all the period of the building (between 3 and 4 weeks),

b.    Transportation(to the working place and back to Can Tho) will be supported by University (one round trip ticket),

c.    Students will be available for work only during summer period (July and August).

     2)  Mr Cong (VK group) will inform Dr Thuan(Can Tho University) about the bridges which will be built and will coordinate with him about the logictics for the students.

3)   On the other hand, Dr Thuan is inquiring for conferences and seminars which could be provided by Viet Kieu Specialists in construction domains. Aidev will provide to Dr Thuan a contact point for this purpose.