DE L'ENSEIGNEMENT AU VIET NAM ( AIDEV )



                                          REPORT ON OUR ACTIVITIES IN VIET NAM

                                                           IN NOVEMBER 2008

                                                      ( written by Do Dang Giu )



It just happened that the three of us, Michel Ho Ta Khanh, Pho duc Dung and myself found ourselves at the same time
together in Ho Chi Minh City during the period Nov.14-Nov.20. Making profit of this coincidence, we together have had
some activities in the framework of AIDEV :

    1. Inauguration of the bridge at Dam Doi, Camau, built with the financial support from our Association. We left Ho Chi Minh
City very early in the morning of Nov.15, accompamied by Mr. Nguyen Van Cong, president of the VK Group that effectively
build the bridge, and, after a tiring trip of more than ten hours, finally arrived at the site to find practically the whole
community waiting for us. We saw many children, together with their parents and a number of senior people ( Bo Lao ), about
more than hundred perple in all. The bridge had been repainted. As we we were late on schedule, the ceremony started
immediately with
presentation and speeches. After the ceremony, we were all invited for dinner by a local family. We reached
our hotel for the night only after 10 pm, completely exhausted. Below are some pictures of the occasion.






    2. Visit of the University of Can Tho. On the way back from Camau the next morning, we made a stop at CanTho to have discussions
with the authorities of the university, with the purpose of renewing the cooperation since the change at the its top. The new president
of the university, Dr. Nguyen Tuan Anh , was traveling, but effectively organised from far away our meeting with the heads of some
departments that were directly involved in cooperation with AIDEV. The meeting being initially programmed for 3 pm of Sunday
Nov.16, but we arrived at 11 am. Even so, upon our arrival, we found a group of 4 department heads already waiting for us that included
a vice-rector, Dr. Le Quang Tri, and the heads of the departments of Technology, Environment and Biotechnology. They all wanted to
have our cooperation in these three domains, more precisely : (i) that our friend Mrs. Pham Thi Anh Thu will renew her lectures on
biotechnology; (ii)  that we support them ( if possible financially ) in the construction of small bridges and schools in regions of
difficult access; (iii) our cooperation for the department of the Environment and Renewable Energies. A report will be written and sent
to us shortly. Furthermore, as the president of the VK Group of bridge building was there, it has been suggested that the University
of Can Tho will organised a meeting of different bridge builders in order to share their own experiences. After the meeting, we were
conveyed to have a lunch that was home prepared, and even with our precipitated arrival, was excellent. Here is a picture of the event.



3. Visit of  Vinh Long. After the meeting at Can Tho, we proceeded directly to Vinh Long where we spent the night. The next
morning, Nov. 17 we had an appointment with the Higher Community College ( ESC ) of Vinh Long. The head of the college
Mme Be Hai was absent and was represented by two adjoints. A number of ex-students were also present at the meeting.
Two subjects were discussed : (i) the continuity of the loans od students by AideV and (ii) the problem of the creation of a
liaison bureau with ex-students.



    4. Meeting with Mme Ton Nu Thi Ninh, president of the University TRI VIET project. Michel, Dung and me were received
by Mme Ninh in her new office, on the 5th floor of a building on Nguyen thi Minh Khai street. Mme Ninh informed us of the
evolution of the project : among other things, two important changes compared with what we had learned from her two years ago
during her visit at our bureau :
    a. The cost of the project which had been around 50 millions US$, would now increased to 182 millions. Without being specific,
we could guess that most of the money would come from american sources.
    b. English would be used as the sole language of the university. This is an important change compared with what Mme Ninh
had said previously according to which, the university would use vietnamese as the main language with eventually lectures in
English given by foreign professors.