THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )


                                              REPORT ON THE MISSION OF DO DANG GIU TO VIET NAM

                                                              FROM MARCH 6 TO MARCH 26, 2008


My trip to Viet Nam had three purposes : participation in the elaboration of the Vietnamese law on nuclear energy, cooperation with Kien Giang on wind power and visit of Vinh Long ang An Giang.

1. On nuclear energy : I was invited by the Committee on Energy and Technology of the National Assembly, presided by prof. Dang Vu Minh,  to give my opinion on a draft of a law on nuclear energy, in a meeting which took place in Da Lat on March 11. I participated in that meeting and, by the same occasion, renewed my engagement in the elaboration of a program of Master on nuclear physics with tne university of Da lat, program that I had started with prof. Nguyen Huu Duc before the death of the latter.

In a second period of my trip while I was in Hanoi, I continued the discussions  with people in the various organisms involved in nuclear energy as the VAEC ( Vietnamese Atomic Energy Commission ) and the VARANSAC ( Vietnamese Agency for Radiation and Nuclear Safety and Control ).

2. Cooperation with the Higher Community School ( ESC ) of Kien Giang on wind energy . This project had started with my previous visit to Kien Giang in June 2007. Though the subject of wind energy is not in my professional occupation, I have been interested in it since a long time and as a result have gained some knowledge about it.

At the ESC of Kien Giang, there is a young teacher, M. Do Anh Khoa ( no relation with me ) who was very motivated by the question and has spent the last two years in HCM City to prepare a master degree on the sublect.

Profiting of my presence in HCM City, M. Khoa, accompanied by his research director, Dr. Truong Viet Anh and a young teacher of the Faculty of Pedagogy of Technology of HCM City, came to have discussions with me on the technical question of the project. We all agree on a project in which 8 wind turbines will be built and installed at 4 locations on two small islets off the Kien Giang shore, the islets of Hon Tre and Hon Thom. In case of success of the project, M. Khoa intends to create a small company to produce the machine for commercial use. To support the start of the project, we intend to apply for financial support from the program FORIM of the French foreign ministry.

3. Visit of Vinh Long ang An Giang. I took out three days to visit Vinh Long and An Giang. At Vinh Long, I had a working session with members of the directorate of the ESC on the question of the loans provided by AideV. I was given a detailed report on the loans that AideV has provided ( in Vietnamese ) since 2004 up to this time as well as the amount of money that the ex-beneficiaries have refunded. There remains in the saving 24.500.000 VND. The next distribution of loans will take place in October. It is expected that up to that time, some refunding will be made but will be insufficient to arrive at 48.000.000 VND that are necessary to offer 24 loans as in the previous years. The ESC of Vinh expressed the wish that AideV would cover the deficit. In fact, our partners would like to see that our contribution to the eventual deficit continues up to 2010, in which case they expect to be  able with the regular refunding to continue the program of  loans indefinitely. That presupposes of course that the amount of each loan will not be increased. As a matter of fact, I raised that question to our partners, in view of the increase in the living expenses, and was answered that, as the ESC's fee has not changed, that question was not yet in order.







As Vinh Long is not far from Long Xuyen, I took one day out to visit the university of An Giang there. During my visit, I was requested to give a seminar on " Clean energies and the question of energy saving". The leaders of the university express the wish of a conlaboration with AideV.

4. University of Thai Nguyen revisited. Two years after my first visit in company of Michel Pedoussaut to that university, I came back there for one day during which I also gave a talk on " Clean energies and the question of energy saving" to teachers and students of the Faculty of Technology. Compared with the first visit, I saw a number of new buildings in the university campus, but the question of the program of formation leaves much to be desired. Chronicle ill of the vietnamese program of formation in technology. What can we do ?

                                                                                  March 29, 2008
                                                                                  Do Dang Giu