THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )



On Oct.26 in the afternoon, there has been a meeting between three representatives of our association,  Do Dang Giu, Nguyen
Quang Tien et Pho Duc Dung and a representative of CRESI ( Centre de Ressources Essonnien de la Solidarité Internationale ),
Mr. Djamel Adila at the office of the latter 25 rue Hoche, 91260 Juvisy-sur-Orge. The aim of our visit was to inquire about the
functioning of this organism and the way funds are being allocated for international cooperative programs.
CRESI is an organism that depends on the Regional Council of Essonne. It has been created about ten years ago with the mission
to centralize programs to help to do those who do  by financing projects, organising sessions of formation and sending materials
 A presentation of this organism ( in French ) is given below.
In a relaxed and amicable atmosphere, Mr. Adila presented to us in some details the activities of the center. We thus have
learned with surprise that among the roughly 600 associations that have been in touch with the center, there were only three
vietnamese associations ( four with ours ) . He also showed us the formalities for funding application.
For our part, we informed him of our past and present activities. In particular, we talked about the two projects of ours which
are still waiting for funding, namely the wind power and water purification projects. These projects fit well into the framework
of programs which are given some priority by the Regional Council of Essonne.