THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )



                                                    GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF DECEMBER 15, 2007


A general Assembly of AideV has taken place in the afternoon of December 15, 2007 at the bureau of the Association, 2 Villa Pierre Loti, 92230 L'Hay-les-Roses. The meeting started at 14.30 and ended at 18 o'clock. Present at the Assembly, there were nine Aidev's members and one invited guest.
As this Assembly corresponded to the election of a new bureau of AideV, the incumbent president started by giving lecture of the Moral Report on the activities of the Association since his election two years ago. Next, it was the turn of the treasurer to give a report of the financial situation. After that, the members exchanged views on the past programs of cooperation with Viet Nam, particularly on their future. The incumbent president also has expressed his view on the future of AideV in stressing  the necessity of it's enlargement.
The Assembly has unanimously agreed to renew the function of the previous bureau.