THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )


                                             REQUEST FROM THE UNIVERSITY HONG DUC OF THANH HOA PROVINCE


AideV has received from Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung, president of the association LES AMIS DE ( FRIENDS OF ) THANH HOA ( ACTH ) of the town of Chaville a request to cooperate to help the university Hong Duc of Thanh Hoa province to create a department for technological studies modeled on the French IUT ( Institut Universitaire de Technogy ) that has been shown to be highly successful in France. Joined  with the request is a momorendum ( in French ) signed jointly by ACTH, the university Hong Duc and the Popular Committee of the city of Thanh Hoa. During the rgular meeting of the Bureau of AideV on September 17, 2006, it has been decided, after discussions, before going further, to trust Do Dang Giu with the mission of sounding ACTH, the authority of Chaville and their vietnamese partners about the seriousness of their intention and the financial means with which they intend to invest in the project.