THE DEVELOPMENT OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM ( AIDEV )



                                                 AIDEV HELPS IN BUILDING A CONCRETE BRIDGE FOR

                                                           SCHOOLCHILDREN IN CAMAU PROVINCE


In siolated and poor regions of the southern Mekong river delta, schoolchildren often must cross rivers to their schools using what are known as " monkey bridges " ( bridges made of two suspended bamboo trees ). The crossing often is quite difficult and dangerous  for children and old persons.
To help in falicitating their displacement, AideV contributes in a project to build concrete bridges by the " VK group ". Its finances the building of a bridge for the village of Tan Hoa, Tan Tien hamlet, district Dam Doi, Camau province for a cost of about 3500 euros. The village Tan Hoa has been selected by the group VK and is proposed to AideV after local inspections and seriuos studies on the real need of the local population. It has been established a report on the feasability of the bridge ( a building plan drawn after topographic studies ) and an estimated building cost.
Our friend Michel HO TA KHANH of AideV has participated in elaborating with the VK Group the technical aspects of the bridge during his sejourn in Viet Nam ( July-October 2006 ). The building of the bridge will start in November of this year and is expected to terminate in late January 2007.

     Photo 1 :  Schoolchildren of Long Hoa elementary school.
     Photo 2 :  The perillous crossing of the river by motor boat.