OF EDUCATION IN VIET NAM ( AIDEV )



                                                                                 SUMMARY OF ACTIVITIES



Project of development of a French Speaking Environment in the Mekong River Delta - In charge : Nguyen Thi Phuong and Doan Thu Phong

Development of mini unmanned aerial vehicle for Aeronautical Engineering Department Ho Chi Minh University of Technology(HCMUT)Viet Nam-  Huynh Huu Thanh - 2006

Report on the advance of the project of using plantation to eliminate heavy metals pollution in the soil - Pham thi Anh Thu -Dec2006

Agreement for cooperation for the development of mini unmanned aerial vehicle between International Association for Development of Education in Viet Nam - AIDEV - France and Aeronautical Engineering Department Ho Chi Minh University of Technology (HCMUT)Viet Nam - Huynh Huu Thanh - 20 March 2006

Cooperative agreement between AideV and OVS Club of Hochiminh City

Cooperation with the Mekong River Delta Region : Inauguration of the francophone space at Kien Giang ( discourses in French )- Nguyen thi Phuong, Tran Hai Chau, Doan thu Phong

Guidance and Control Strategy - a publication by Huynh Huu Thanh

Project of cooperation with ITC of HCM City

Mission of M. Pedoussaut to Viet Nam in 2005

Activities of Lam Thanh My

Cooperation with Vinh Long - AideV

Cooperation with CTIM - Lam thanh My

Program n 07 : Petrolium industries and petrolium products by Nguyen huy Hiet

Program n 06 : Glues by Le trung Luong

Program n 05 : Alkydes resins by Le trung Luong

Program n 04 : Nuclear physics and method of microanalysis of elements by Doan Thu Phong

Program n 03 : High performance fibers by Lam Thanh My

Program n 02 : Composite materials by Lam Thanh My and Doan Cong

Program n 01 : Analysis by using infra-red absorption spectra by Lam Thanh My



                                                                                      Individual activities

                                                                            Cooperative programs of AideV

                                                                                   Lectures and seminars