OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM  ( AIDEV )





( Responsible : Lam Thanh My )



The College of Technology & Industrial Management  ( CTIM ) is a higher education school that forms students from Baccalaureate to Baccalaureate + 3 years. It depends on HEPZA (HoChiMinh City’s Export-Production and Industrial Zones Authority). From the start, it has seeked the collaboration of Viet Kieu ( Vietnamese living abroad ). In this spirit, it has signed a memorendum with AIDEV. It has reserved for AIDEV an office inside of its structutres and agreed that the programs of continuous formation of AIDEV could be carried out under its administrative and materail responsibility.


On the other hand, AIDEV ( in fact Lam Thanh My ) has play the intermediary to initiate a cooperative program between CTIM and the Institute for Allpied Sciences of Lyon ( INSA-Lyon ). INSA-Lyon, together with other partners of the Rhone-Alpes region, will help CTIM to create a program of engineering ( Bac+5 ) in three branches ( Apllied Chemistry, Urbain Technology and Production ) , as a prolongaton of the existing program. The cooperation also involves the continuous formation and research-development. The Rhone-Alpes region brings in financial support. AIDEV intervenes at all levels depending on its capacity : organization of programs, initial formation and continuous formation, research-development.


This is a long term program where AIDEV can play a major role in the Center for Research-Development and in the continuous formation.


At this moment, the program of cooperation between CTIM and INSA is laying dead due to the fact that CTIM has not been able to get the authorization to open a cycle at the engineer level.