OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM  ( AIDEV )



              Development of mini unmanned aerial vehicle


Aeronautical Engineering Department Ho Chi Minh University of Technology

(HCMUT)–Viet Nam




The project is aiming to develop a laboratory’s equipment, defined as mini-unmanned aerial vehicle (mini-UAV), which will be very helpful in increasing the training and research activities of the Aeronautical Engineering Department of HCMUT. Investment cost will remain low because this equipment will indeed be developed by using the COTS (commercial off the shelf) which are in the public domain. Thus, small aircraft reduced model will be used as aerial vehicle, GPS receiver as primary attitude sensor, and PC laptop as ground control station.

The realization of the mini-UAV will be achieved during a time period between three and four years, and is broken down into several phases, beginning with the mission analysis, the specifications definition and ending with the full UAV system making.

The project manager will plan several missions in Vietnam in order to supervise the progress of the project and to provide lectures and seminars for the benefit of students and staff of the Aeronautical Engineering Department.

The mini-UAV project will be able:

to increase the synergy with the other laboratory’s equipments of the Department, which are already existing (wind tunnel) or in progress (flight simulator), thanks to the multi-disciplinary techniques which are involved such as aerodynamics, flight mechanics, flight simulation;

to develop various new training and research topics which can be beyond the present domains of Aeronautical Engineering Department, such as control systems, man-machine interface, material/structure, telecommunication, real time electronics and real time data processing, etc.

It will also contribute to the setting up of a master programme for the Aeronautical Engineering Department of HCMUT.