OF EDUCATION IN VIETNAM  ( AIDEV )


Project co-funded by PRA-OSIM


French speaking environment of the Mekong Delta / EF-MEKONG


Tien Giang University

Kien Giang Community College

Dong Thap Community College

International Association for the Development of  Education in Viet Nam ( AIDEV )


Person in charge: Mr. Đoan Thu Phong, formerly director of research at CNRS-France

Pilot coordinator: Mrs. Nguyen Thi Phuong, formerly in charge of EF-Kien Giang

Coordinator in VN:       Mrs. Nguyen Thi Mai, formerly in charge of the Administration Service for the Committee of   Vietnamese residing abroad of Ho Chi Minh City


Overall objectives:

Create and set in motion a French speaking environment in order to contribute to the modernisation of the Mekong Delta through the cooperation with the French speaking world.


Objectives of 2006-2007 within the scope of Pra-Osim project:

Create two new French speaking environments in Tien Giang and in Dong Thap. Link the French speaking environments of the Mekong Delta (Vietnam) to one another and launch a cooperative program with the University Institute of Technology (IUT) of Amiens and the Picardie Jules Verne University (UPJV).



- AideV association and friends:                     9 000 €

- IUT of Amiens:                                              3 000 €

- Tien Giang University:                                  3 000 €

- Kien Giang Community College:                   3 000 €

- Dong Thap Community College:                    3 000 €

- Pra-Osim:                                                       15 000 €


     I-           Create two new French speaking environments (EF) and develop the EF of Kien Giang:

                            Budget: 13 500 €

1-      EF - Tien Giang

- set up of the French-Vietnamese Centre: location, equipment, staff,

2-      EF- Dong Thap

- set up of the French-Vietnamese Centre: location, equipment, staff,

3-      EF- Kien Giang

- add appliances

- dispatch trainee to France

4-      Expertise 

II-       French classes

                     Budget: 4 900 €

III-      Create the network of 3 EF:  bilingual website:

                     Budget: 2 900 €

                    Person in charge: Mr. Le Trung Kien (EF-KG)

IV-      Share means for practice courses

                     Budget: 6 300 €


1- Expertise and report of Tran Chi Minh, October-November 2006.

2- Issue 1 bilingual book in food processing industry

            3- Issue 1 bilingual book in agronomics

4- (International business management)?


V-        Create the bureau for enterprises at partner locations 

                            Budget: 4 300 €


1- Expertise and synthesis of Nathalie Chopin, October-November 2006.

2- Colloquium of February 6th, 2006 «Partnership Enterprises- Tien Giang University for the education in the human resources field»

3- Creation of the bureau, files, partnership projects.

4- Launch of a partnership action


VI-       Harmonise the programs in food processing industry, agronomics ( and international business management? ).

                       Budget: 4 100 €


1- Collection of programs

2- Studies, exchanges

3- Report and document

4- Presentation to expert authorities


Other cooperative actions with IUT Amiens-UPJV ( funded by Regional Council of Picardie )


-         Session of education II in Dong Thap + colloquium at Tien Giang University

-         Internships in France:

- IUT Amiens: 3 trainees from March until July 2007

-         Mission of experts from Picardie in May 2007